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The key to print making and creating printing blocks is in the preparation; having time to experiment with shapes and textures, making allowances for pattern joining and building the understanding that sometimes less is more.

Five-step instructions:

Step 1

Draw out the design for your block, remembering that the image will be in reverse, so keep it simple.

Print making using printing blocks

Step 2

Next draw your design onto the neoprene foam and cut out your shapes (you could trace the design onto the foam if necessary).  No glue is needed as this is self adhesive – so stick down your design, when you are happy with the arrangement, onto a piece of grey board card (this gives it strength and acts a block).

Print making using printing blocks

Step 3

Using a printing tray, roll out a small amount of water based printing ink and roll this onto your foam design.

Print making using printing blocks

Step 4

Press this design down onto paper – use a clean roller to roll over the design and add more pressure.  Younger children could stamp onto it.

Print making using printing blocks

Step 5

Continue creating a repeat pattern or an interesting design – try printing this design on a range of different papers.

Print making using printing blocks

This five-step workshop was written by Michelle Kitto, Teacher and Primary Art Consultant.

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