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These super cute handmade egg box tea cup cards are so easy to make and can include mum’s favourite tea bag. Perfect for Mother’s day!

egg box mothers day card

You will need:


Step 1.

Cut your egg boxes so that you have a half cup shape that will stick flush to the card easily. We found that you can get the best half cup shape by using the four corners of the egg box.

Step 2. 

Fold a sheet of coloured card to make your card and stick the egg cup to the front. We found using a low melt glue gun worked best, so adults will need to help for this – create a production line!

Step 3. 

We then cut a small piece of pipe cleaner, curved it to make a handle and stuck that down at the side of the cup, flush to the card. The glue gun helps here too! – just a dot on each end is fine.

Step 4.

Add washi or craft tape and buttons or sequins to decorate and then once all the glue is dry add the tea bag. Do not add the tea bag whilst the glue is still wet or it will stick and be very difficult to get out and use! We stuck the tea bag tag down with a very small amount of glue from a stick so that it can be peeled off easily.

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