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This step-by-step guide will help you to create a fantastic winter-themed immersive learning environment that will inspire and engage children. The frozen-themed backdrop is a super quick way of creating an area that is beautiful, long-lasting and open-ended.

Frozen Immersive environment

We’ve created a Narnia-themed guided reading area but this can be simplified to create whatever area you would like. Why not try creating a Christmas display, sensory learning environment or a literacy corner? The backdrop is completely washable so can be used over and over again.

What you’ll need to create this frozen scene:

Step 1. Start by planning what you want the area to look like and what it is going to be used for. When decided, hang the wall display with either a curtain pole or Velcro.

Frozen Immersive environment

Step 2. Lay white Milskin Paper onto the floor to create a snowy scene, and decorate the sides of the backdrop with silver creative foil.

Frozen Immersive environment

Step 3. Use bean bags and cardboard boxes to create height. Layer this with a white or snow effect blanket to create snowy ridges.

Frozen Immersive environment

Step 4. Build up the display by adding props. We’ve added Christmas trees, paper cone trees and a Snow Queen using a mannequin dressed with the Winter Fabric Pack for the Narnia effect. Try adding fabric onto the ceiling using ceiling magnets to create a canopy.

Frozen Immersive environment

Step 5. Build characters into the scene that draw attention and make it a friendly area to explore. We’ve added the Decopatch lion and other props that add to the effect; pine fabric, an icicle garland, white velour and a hand-made cardboard lamp post!

Frozen Immersive environment

Top tip: Try adding fairy lights and battery operated tea lights for a stunning effect that grabs attention!

Frozen Immersive environment

The crown, paper trees and lamp post were all made by hand too!

Frozen Immersive environment

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Thanks to our resident Art Specialist Nicky Mountcastle and her team for creating this blog post.

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