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In September 2014, the new National Curriculum came into being for schools in England. One of the biggest changes was the move to the new subject of Computing.

‘The core of computing is computer science’.

This includes:

  • Understanding fundamental principles and concepts of computer science
  • Analysing problems in computational terms
  • Writing computer programs
  • Evaluating and applying information technology
  • Making safe, responsible and creative use of ICT

Blue-Bot™ Bluetooth® Floor Robot
Introducing Blue-Bot! A Bluetooth enabled floor robot which means you can control it with your Tablet or PC. You can plan your algorithm on the screen of your device and send it remotely to Blue-Bot to perform right in front of you!

Blue-Bot has a clear shell which means children can see the components inside and identify what gives Blue-Bot its buzz. It can be programmed like a normal Bee-Bot by selecting the buttons on top of the robot. Blue-Bot is capable of performing 45 degree turns and you can also include repetitions in your algorithm which means this is the perfect resource for KS1 and KS2!

Blue-Bot is:

  • Compatible with iOS, Android, Windows 7 and Mac OS
  • Rechargeable, no batteries required
  • Perfect for KS1 and KS2

Blue-Bot App – designed to work across a number of platforms and is a FREE download! Once you open the app on your device, select your Blue-Bot and get programming! The app allows you to select a Bee-Bot mat that you may already have, so you can replicate what’s on screen in real life!
Blue-Bot Bluetooth Floor Robot - FREE APP              Blue-Bot Bluetooth Floor Robot - FREE APP                Blue-Bot Bluetooth Floor Robot - FREE APP


Blue-Bot at BETT 2015

To mark our milestone 30th birthday, we hosted an event with Miles Berry, a principal lecturer and subject leader for Computing Education at the University of Roehampton. Miles spoke at length about Blue-Bot and its relevance to the new Computing curriculum, whilst visitors got their chance to have a go with our latest release. Blue-Bot was received with great enthusiasm and feedback has exceeded any of our expectations

Blue-Bot™ Bluetooth® Floor Robot launch with Miles Berry
Blue-Bot™ Bluetooth® Floor Robot Blue-Bot™ Bluetooth® Floor Robot

Blue-Bot™ Bluetooth® Floor Robot      Blue-Bot™ Bluetooth® Floor Robot       Blue-Bot™ Bluetooth® Floor Robot

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9 thoughts on “There’s a new Bot in town…”

  1. Colette Kastner says:

    I love the idea of having the kids program the Blue-Bot from the app, but am having a hard time getting the Blue-Bot motions to line up with the grid on the floor. Any tips?

  2. CK says:


    it’s a pity that the blue-bot in the app is going so fast : you had a good idea to give the possibility to record voice on the instructions, but the blue-bot is too fast to see properly is movement and to hear the instructions. Any update soon for that ?

    1. TTS Group says:

      Thank you for your message. I will pass it on to our in house specialists and ask them to send a response.

  3. RH says:

    Where can we download the Windows 7 app, as your blog states above that it is compatible with
    Blue-Bot is:
    •Compatible with iOS, Android, Windows 7 and Mac OS
    •Rechargeable, no batteries required
    •Perfect for KS1 and KS2

    As a school that is completely Windows without Android or Mac devices we need the app for Windows 7

    1. TTS Group says:

      Hello, let me find out for you in the morning and get back to you. Please bear with me. Thanks, Charlotte

    2. Matthew Smith says:

      Hi RH, if you go to the blue bot product page, under the main photo there’s a dropdown for supporting materials. In here is a windows software zip folder to download. Hope this is what you mean.

  4. Lisa says:

    Hi, we’ve got 6 bluebots at my work and the kids love them. However, we don’t manage to connect any of them to either android phones or tablets. They all connect without trouble to the tactile board. On the phone or tablet the BlueBot is shown as paired, but it never connects and nothing happens when I tap on it in the paired list (the device normally tries to connect to the paired device whenever tapping it). Once I open the app it says I need to connect to BlueBot.

    The BlueBot is fully charged and I’ve tried different phones and tablets (and also all our 6 bluebots), but with the same result. According to the comments on Google Play, I understand that I’m not the only one with this problem. Have you got any solution to it?


    1. TTS Group says:

      Hi Lisa,

      Glad to hear that your children love the Blue-Blots! Let me pass your enquiry onto our IT product managers to see if they can help. I will get back to you as soon as they reply.
      Many thanks

    2. TTS Group says:

      Good afternoon Lisa,

      We have a set of instructions for pairing Blue-Bot to android devices which may help.

      Please can you follow these 9 steps:

      1) Downloaded the latest version of the Blue-Bot app from Google Play
      2) Switched on Blue-Bot
      3) Opened Bluetooth settings on the device
      4) Scanned and paired with Blue-Bot
      5) Opened the Blue-Bot app
      6) As it’s a fresh install the app shows a splash screen saying a Blue-Bot needs connecting to unlock full functionality.
      7) Close that screen (top left button saying close)
      8) Waited about 10 seconds. Blue-Bot connected automatically and eyes went blue.
      9) Blue-Bot connected and controlled from the app

      If you are still experiencing problems, please can you let us know the device you are using, and at which point in the above 9 steps you had an issue.


      Andy Husband
      Product Manager- Computing
      TTS Group Ltd